Hoss Collar aka Horse Collar, the game of

Ken Stults from Haines City FLA asked if I could sent him rules for Horse Collar. Sure Ken, and thanks for your query.

I myself first learned of “Hoss Collar” at the Scugog club in Ontario. The president of that club, Al Wilson, had learned it in Florida (I don’t know what club), so now, in a way it’s going full circle, back to Florida. I’m attaching rules I obtained from somewhere on the web, and these are not quite the same as Al’s, but it probably does not matter. Playing Hoss Collar is fun, and an interesting diversion from the standard rules of “shuffleboard”.  

Here’s the set of rules I found – Shuffle Fun -Horse Collar Tournament 

Here is a variation that may be useful: Al’s version lets a team that has not scored a kitchen by frame-3, start accumulating points anyway, and of course any kitchen from frame-3 onward counts 10-off. I think that would help a weaker team to at least get on the scoreboard, and not finish a game with zero. Also, as I remember, we played 8 frames, not 9.

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4 Responses to Hoss Collar aka Horse Collar, the game of

  1. ken stults says:

    Thank you for the horse collar rules. Where could i go to attend a tournament, to see how it is done.

    • Bill B says:

      Ken – I don’t know myself. I’ll post a query for you and someone may answer. Where are you located and how far are you willing to travel? Your answer will help a possible responder know if their Hoss Collar event is close enough for you to attend.

      • George Fisher says:

        Do you know of any other games for Shuffleboarders other than Pin Shuffle and Horse Collar? If so where can I get the rules and description of play?

      • Bill B says:

        Hello George – thanks for the question – I am passing it on to all readers – does anyone know of other games (other than regular shuffleboard, Hoss Collar and Pin Shuffle) that can be played on a shuffleboard court?

        I would add that at our club we have a Fun Day every year: Teams of four people are chosen and each plays each of our 20 courts in rotation. each court has as designated shuffleboard task to be preformed by each team member. each team starts on a different court and then when all teams have completed their shots for their court, and recorded their score on their score-sheet, each team moves on to the next court in order. Half of a team shuffles from the head of each court and half from the foot. – I will separately post a complete description of how we set up our courts for Fun Day!

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