Simply Fun Shuffleboard – Continued

We will continue the Simply Fun Shuffleboard series. You should note that Stan has indicated, that due a difference of opionion over publishing schedules and priorities, he will not continue sending his articles. I thank him for his many contributions.  I will fill in as best I can, although I have neither Stan’s ability to write, nor all the time I would like to do so.

Here’s what we shall do to continue the series:
(1) Review some of the existing teaching articles with added comments and clarifications.
(2) Make use of the contents of two very good books about Shuffleboard and at the same time promote those books:  
 ShuffleboardStrategy cover-a- “Shuffleboard Strategy” by none other than Glen Peltier (long time shuffler, teacher, Hall-of-Famer, and current FSA president) and available from Glen;


HowToWinAtShuffleboard cover-b- “How To Win At Shuffleboard” by Paul McKenzie, a great little handbook, and available from Luthers Publishing in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


(3) We will also look at common situations you will come up against in the game of Suffleboard – The “What should I do now?”.

(4) And of course, add a few new topics. Stay tuned for the next in the Series – “Why did I miss that Shot?” aka Review of Basics of Shooting.

That’s all for now. stay tuned! – Bill Boyes

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1 Response to Simply Fun Shuffleboard – Continued

  1. Have tried several different book locations (amazon,ebay, etc) and nobody has the book by Paul Mckenzie. Oops pardon me ebay wanted $167.46 for the book. You have a rare gem there in that book. I tried Luthers Publishing but could not get into their website to check to see if they had the book in stock. If you where I may get a copy of the book I would be very interested in purchasing a copy. I know you will continue the good work that Stan did, really enjoyed his information. Thanks John.

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