Results and Pictures of the 2017 CNSA Doubles – Woodstock

Here (at last) are the pictures of all the winning teams from the 2017 CNSA Doubles held in Woodstock Ont., May 29 to June 1st. Congratulations to them all!

If you think we have put the same picture in twice, we did. This was no mistake, however. After winning 3rd place in the Amateur tournament, Gerdien & Gerrit Dykman entered the Open and won the Open Consolation 4th place! Double congratulations for them!

AM 1st Gerald Provost and Ann Birley

AM 2nd Debbie Cadeau & Shiela Brown






AM 3rd Gerdien Dykman & Gerrit Dykman

AM 4th Barry Leibold & Marie Leibold

AM Cons. 1st Linda O’Connor & Bev Fowler

AM Cons. 2nd Laura Campbell and Nev Campbell

AM Cons. 3rd Ann Engell and Evan Engell

AM Cons. 4th Bernice Lindsay & Norm Lindsay

Open 1st Bill Oostdyk & Maureen Bryan

Open 2nd Linda McRae & Henry Strong

Open 3rd Myrna Bilton & Roy Babcock

Open 4th Marjory Taylor & Linda Armstrong

Open Cons. 1st Larry Allison and Moe Vermeulen

Open Cons. 2nd Martine Vermiere Art Scott

Open Cons. 3rd Don Rood & Keith Morton (Michigan) (New York)

Open Cons. 4th Gerdien Dykman & Gerrit Dykman

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2 Responses to Results and Pictures of the 2017 CNSA Doubles – Woodstock

  1. Bill B says:

    Reblogged this on Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information and commented:

    Copied to the OSA website because this was an Ontario Tournament.

  2. Glenna Earle says:

    Well done all. Very pleased to see so many familiar faces. Congratulations to everyone!

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