“C”, “D”, “N” Teams.

I like it! Thanks Jim.

From Jim Corbeil:

I just thought I would tell everyone how we came up with the team letters "C", "D", and "N". "CDN" is short for "Canadian". We all are on the Canadian team.
ABC teams, players might have thought "Why am I not on the A team?", or "Is the A team a better team than B or C?".

Jim Corbeil, President CNSA.

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3 Responses to “C”, “D”, “N” Teams.

  1. Michael says:

    Nice explanation Jim. I was wondering why I was on the Canadian U team. Then I realized it means “Unqualified” so all is well. hahahaha * See you in High River Mr. President

  2. Lynn Bell says:

    I wasn’t sure why we had C,D, and N teams either but that explains it Jim!! I was wondering what happened to the A Team!! HA-HA!! Lynn See you in High River Jim!! Am looking forward to playing for Canada again!! Lynn Bell

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