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Thank you Muriel

Pictured are CNSA members, Norm Lindsay, Myrna Bilton, Murray Burnett, Bernice Lindsay, Muriel Burnett, David Earle, Glenna Earle, and Rendall Bilton.
The photo was taken at the awards banquet at the Vienna Austria 🇦🇹
Open 2018. This was the Inaugural for Shuffleboard Austria to ISA.
Prior to playing in this tournament, the couples visited Norwich, UK, and played a tournament there. This marked the third anniversary of the UK joining ISA.

Muriel Burnett

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One Response to CNSA Website News

  1. Glenna says:

    I’m afraid I did not receive the picture. I know it was all the Cdns who attended the Norwich/Vienna open so it is sure to be a good one! It was an excellent trip.

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