CNSA President Jim Corbeil Thanks Ingersoll

My apologies for the late posting of this item.

Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information

On behalf of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association I would like to thank the Ingersoll District Shuffleboard Club for hosting the CNSA tournament May28-30, 2018.

Thanks to all our sponsors for their support, and volunteers for their hard work.
Jim Corbeil President CNSA.

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One Response to CNSA President Jim Corbeil Thanks Ingersoll

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    President Ruth Stewart of Ingersol, along with Jim and Marlene Corbeil and their many volunteers did an amazing job of presenting us all with a smoothly run CNSA tournament. It takes a lot of preparation to run these tournaments, many hours and thought from those involved so we can play this game of shuffleboard we love, in a competitive style. Hats off to all involved and thanks for your dedication. We , the competitors are very grateful to you. We all need to work together for a stronger shuffleboard sport. Maureen Bryan, OSA Sec.

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