Letter to CNSA members re our Bylaws

CNSA Members;
Over two years ago when I was elected President I wanted to make the CNSA a true Canadian Association. I asked Don Breau, from New Brunswick, Myrna Bilton, from Ontario, Brian Scott, from Alberta, and myself to draft a new set of CNSA By-laws. We worked very hard on this with the advice of a lawyer. The new bylaws were to have every Province involved in the running of the CNSA and each Province would have at least one Director. 

The proposed By-laws were on the website for five months before they were voted on. Everyone had a long time to ask questions or give an opinion. (which they did) The Revised By-laws were then voted on and passed unanimously, July 2017, at the IP in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

Now that we have the New Board of Directors in place, the Chairman, wants to revise the By-laws. (once again) The Board of Directors have been in place only three and one-half months. WHY would we want to change By-laws or anything else for that matter without even giving this a chance to work?
No By-laws are perfect. But these are the ones that were voted in by the membership. I think the NEW Board of Directors should stop and think, this foolish
idea, of By-law change, and get on with making the CNSA a truly Canadian Association.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
James Corbeil, President Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.
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7 Responses to Letter to CNSA members re our Bylaws

  1. Michael Kelly says:

    Would like to know who is the director for B.C.? if so would like to know how to get in touch with this person if needed. I think one has been selected. Thank you.

  2. Gary Pipher says:

    I agree with Jim . It seems like each time we get new members on board the first thing they want to do is rewrite the bylaws.
    Give it a chance guys and live with what you have.
    If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.


    I agree with Jim & Gary. I have taken the time to reread the existing bylaw which I found well written and covers every area of operation of the association. Normally a bylaw change is to correct a problem after an issue has arisen. No one has indicated that there is a problem. It makes no sense to consider any change at this time.

    Murray Burnett
    CNSA Treasurer

  4. Brian Scott says:

    The initial posting is partially inaccurate. As chair of the board of directors I have forwarded a proposal to the board for their review and recommendations. The proposal was prepared by a committee of directors from Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. If the majority of board members support the proposal then it is to be referred to the 2019 a general membership meeting for review and vote. I am prepared to share a copy of my initial email with the proposal to any CNSA member that would like a copy. My contact information is posted on the CNSA website.

    Michael – the director for BC is Dennis Kerr, and he has a copy of the proposal.

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