Thank you volunteers and hard workers

The players and organizers want to thank some very important volunteers: George Archer, Rick Crouch and others for beading the courts.

Doug Beach and others for sweeping the courts.

Ruth Tate for being our patient tournament director.
Thank you to others who assisted, and again to the ladies who made the sandwiches, tarts and pies to feed us for three days. Thank you to Barb and Gary Pipher who found us a local company to change the flat tire on our fifth wheel. Great hospitality. Thank you.
Without our volunteers, there would be no tournament. This tournament had exceptional turnout- 30 teams of amateurs, and 30 teams of experts. Well done Coldwater!

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3 Responses to Thank you volunteers and hard workers

  1. Carol Archer says:

    Rick Crouch was a helper in the kitchen not out in the courts but we should mention that Paul Sova and Lyle Fox were great helpers out in the courts.

  2. Myrna Houston says:

    I’d like to thank Graham Barkley, without his efforts we wouldn’t have any Shuffling in Long Saul Ontario. He’s our spectacular volunteer.

    • Bill B says:

      Myrna – The Ontario Shuffleboard Association would like to put the Long Sauld Shuffleboard group on our map of clubs so anyone wanting to play in your area can find you. Can you please email me and tell me where and when you play? Thanks

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