Breau 60th

Don and Bernie Breau AnniversaryCongratulations to Don and Bernie Breau.
They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this weekend. They were married 60 years ago September 7th.
We wish them all the best. Good health and Happiness.
Jim Corbeil President CNSA  after September 1st
(Webmaster sends congrats to the happy Breau couple and apologies for the late posting)
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8 Responses to Breau 60th

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Happy anniversary to two of my favorite shufflers. Loved my trip to your home and time in Dieppe. Don 60 years of handling you means Bernie is an Angel! Smile

  2. Ken Sears says:

    Happy 60 anniversary Don & Bernie.Wished We could have attended your special day.Very special friends.We are away to the Madeline Islands.
    Ken and Mary Sears

  3. ken/Verena Wardley says:

    Congratulations Don and Breau on this very spcial day, may you have many more blessed days and many more Anniversarys. This is a very special day for me also as it is my Birthday

  4. Gary Pipher says:

    Congratulations Don and Bernie. Time flies when you are having fun. Hope all is well with you both and that you will get to spend another winter in Florida. Gary and Barb

  5. Maureen and Bill Bryan says:

    Congratulations to you both on this milestone, best wishes from the OSA.
    Carl Rogerson, Pres.

  6. Norm and Bernice Lindsay says:

    Congratulations! 60 yrs married is indeed a occasion to celebrate! We send our sincerest good wishes.
    Norm and Bernice Lindsay

    • Ken Wardley says:

      I have sent 1 congratulatory comment previously and have never read it on your page. This was 4 Don and Bern Breau celebrating 60 of marriage

      On Wed., Sep. 4, 2019, 5:22 a.m. CNSA Shuffleboard Canada, wrote:

      > Norm and Bernice Lindsay commented: “Congratulations! 60 yrs married is > indeed a occasion to celebrate! We send our sincerest good wishes. Norm and > Bernice Lindsay” >

  7. Max And Ruth Tate says:

    Congratulations Don & Bernie. You must have been married as children.

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