Jim Corbeil’s Induction into CNSA Hall Of Fame by Norm Lindsay, 2021 09 10, at the 7th IP in Bridgewater NS

Jim Corbel became 3rd Vice President of the CNSA in 2010; he moved up through the vice presidents and became President in July of 2016, following Past President, Henry Strong.
In the years working with Jim, we’ve learned he is a good communicator, keeping everyone abreast with the goings on within the CNSA.
Jim has been involved in the planning of many tournaments in Canada, three CNSA Inter provincials: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 2017, Ingersoll, Ontario 2019 and here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 2021 and an ISA, in High River, Alberta in 2018 and now planning another ISA tournament for 2022 in Ingersoll/Woodstock, Ontario.

Jim has definitely, been instrumental in promoting CNSA tournaments, from the east (Nova Scotia), central (Ontario) and the west Saskatchewan and Alberta. That is quite an achievement from 2016 to 2021!

Jim has worked hard at promoting the CNSA, everywhere he has travelled, whether in Canada or other countries. He has represented Canada in many ISA tournaments, singles in St. Petersburg 2013, Clearwater 2015, Brazil 2017 and on teams in Midland 2014, St. Cloud, 2016 and High River, 2018.
In an effort to have equal input from across the country, Jim was instrumental in forming a committee to rewrite and clarify the CNSA by-laws. The committee had representation from across Canada. It consisted of Brian Scott from the West, Myrna Bilton from Central, Don Breau from the East.
Jim also formed a committee to look into the rules to play floor shuffleboard in Canada. A decision was made to adopt the ISA (International Shuffleboard Association).

Jim also was known to promote all of this while leaping on tall buildings (CN tower) and then showing his skills at roping a wooden cow on the range. I guess that is how he pulled all the provinces into the CNSA, herd! We all know Jim had a lot of support from his wife Marlene during his five years as President. At this time, I would like thank Marlene for supporting Jim, during this time.

And, now, it gives me great pleasure and honour to present Jim Corbel, with this Jacket and the President’s Award certificate into the “CNSA Hall of Fame “. Congratulations, Jim!

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2 Responses to Jim Corbeil’s Induction into CNSA Hall Of Fame by Norm Lindsay, 2021 09 10, at the 7th IP in Bridgewater NS

  1. Bill B says:

    Reblogged this on Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information and commented:

    Ontario’s own, from Ingersoll, is inducted into CNSA Hall Of Fame – Presidents Category


  2. Glenda Brake says:

    Congratulations Jim! Well deserved!


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