About the CNSA

Who we are, What we do: Our documents tell the story (Constitution is considered to be in the By-laws immediately below):

CNSA Mission Statement – CNSA Mission Vision, Buts et Objectifs

HOF Procedures

CNSA Bylaws 2019.pdf … (doc)
CNSA Membership and annual fees 2017
– also see Bylaws
Rules of Play: – Canada
– International Shuffleboard Association (ISA)
 – –
Minutes of General Meeting July 12, 2019, in Ingersoll, Ontario.  Directors’ Reports
Financial Report (Year-end 2018)
Minutes of Board Meeting July 20th. 2018 in High River Alberta… Financial Report (Year-End 2017)
Minutes of General Meeting July 13th. 2017 in Moose Jaw SK. 2016 Financial Reports
President’s Report,
Provincial Reports, PEI Report
Minutes – July 13, 2016 (Coldwater)
AGM Minutes – June 1, 2016 (Woodstock)
2015 Financial Reports.
2015 AGM Minutes
Directors’ Reports are included at the end of the minutes.
Financial summary to Dec. 31, 2014
is included in the minutes. Full
financial reports for 2014 are posted
CNSA Emergency Meeting Minutes Sept 22nd, 2014  Adoption of new Bylaws as required. (See Bylaws, above)
2014 AGM Minutes
Directors’ reports are included with the minutes.
Additional attachment: – 2014-05 AGM G Pipher Comments re Changing AGM dates (rev)
2014 Financial Reports (Audited) below, include the periods ending May 31, 2014 and for the  period from June 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.  From now on the statements will be done at the end of each calendar year as per our new bylaw.

CDN$ ended May 31 2014
CDN$ Jun 1 to Dec 31 2014
US$ ended May 31, 2014
US$ Jun 1 to Dec 31 2014

2013 AGM Minutes Directors’ reports are included with the minutes. 2013 AGM Financials
2012 05 CNSA AGM Minutes 2012 Financial Statements –
2012-05 Fin._St._CDN_$
2012-05 Fin._St._US_$
2012 Auditors Statement
2011-05 CNSA AGM Minutes 2011 Statements upon request.
2010 AGM Minutes 2010-05 CNSA AGM Minutes Att1 2011EVENTS
2009 US_Account_up

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