About TheShufflersNews

Contents: As of June 29, 2012 these web pages became the one official site of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.  We focus on Canadian shuffleboard news and information, plus coverage of international news of interest to a broad range of Canadian shufflers. Anyone is welcome to contribute. Just send an email to shuffleboardbill@gmail.com.

Finding stuff: 1) There is a set of menu items on the “black-bar” above related to the topics found on this website. The first item is the “Home” page and this contains all recent news items.
2) For past news and articles, look at the right-side menu for the archives. This new website also has a powerful search facility: enter your item in the SEARCH box for any subject! Here’s more about searching .
(3) You may also just scroll through the Home page items or scroll through any month shown in the Archives.

We love to get your comments! Please use the Comments box available at the bottom of most articles. Your comments may take a couple of days to appear, as site policy means we have to review each one to reduce spam. (Anyone can enter a comment, but that opens it up to anyone (non-shufflers) posting inappropriate material or web-links).

Top-of-Page Banner: Our banner is the picture at the top of most of these web pages.

More on the web: See the Links page for International, US National, Florida, Ontario and other major shuffleboard associations.  To see the US State associations, see our Links page, then click on the US National Shuffleboard Association, then that website Links page. (or just click here 🙂 .

Have fun, and Good Shuffling – Bill Boyes, Editor.

3 Responses to About TheShufflersNews

  1. Nancy says:

    Where are the IP Bios for 2013?

  2. Joe Messier says:

    BILL, I am looking for the names of Canada team players, for Midland. I can not find them posted anyplace. Joe Messier e-mail cecilemessier@a0l.com

    • Bill B says:

      Cecile – sorry for the wait for my reply. I have asked when the player list might be available, and will post it ASAP after I get it. If you want to be automatically notified of new postings, please click the “+Follow” button that you should see at the lower right, and type in your email address.

      Bill Boyes

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