– Background

ISA 2011 Dieppe logoFor your interest and enjoyment, this special ISA-World-Singles Background page of TheShufflersNews holds the behind-the-scenes background information posted by Stan McCormack and others. Although all articles in TheShufflersNews are posted on the Home page (See Home on the menu-bar above), this “- Background” page is a convenient index for only the ISA-2011-WS background articles. The special ISA-World-Singles (Dieppe) page now contains only the latest news about Dieppe, and on-location reports.

The top-of-page banner is a collage of pictures from the 2011 ISA World Singles.

Background Articles

Background – Stan provides some background on the ISA and the tournament. (History)
ISA Launch – A brief overview of the launch of the ISA. (History)
Photo Slide Show.– Two Slide Shows from 2009 ISA (History)
Hopewell Rocks.– Near Dieppe NB. Walk on the ocean floor! (NB Promo)
Kieko Sakuta at 82.– An incredible woman! (History, Japan)
Dieppe – Bienvenue! – A little about Dieppe and the interesting surroundings. (NB Promo)
Our Hosts, Ron Leblanc, Doug Sparks, Don Breau, and Jean Hachey, of the NBSA (General)
The Dieppe courts and Player Gerry Curwin (Canada)
2002 ISA Team Tournament Banquet (History)
Remarks To Launch The 23rd Mesa ISA (History)
Summary Opening SM (History) 
Australian Shuffleboard (History)
ISA 2009 World Singles Top 8 (History)
If You Think That Is Love (Zellner History)
Golden Cue Awards

General Interest Articles

Welcome to CanadaHydro & Health CareRye & GingerYou NEED a Tim’s,
Radio Canada

“Sportsmanship” by Bob Zaletel, ISA Sportsmanship Awards

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