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NOTE: The 2011 ISA World Singles completed August 7th, and all the news has now been  posted. Further articles are being posted to the Home page of theshufflersnews.

Sept 09:ISA President says “Thank You Dieppe

Aug 13:Interview – Glenna’s win “scary but exhilarating”

Aug 11:ISA-2012 to be in Seattle Washington
“Thanks” to Don and Bern Breau (Organizers)
 –  The unique delivery of ? (Player profiles)
 – Bernar’s Story in Pix (Player profiles)
 – The M & M of Shuffleboard (Player profiles)
final Player Positions updated to show the country represented plus their home state or province if US or Can.

Aug 10:Norwegian Shuffleboard Association on Facebook & their website (www.shuffleboard.no)Alcide LeBlanc – A Special Volunteer

Aug 9:Paul LeBlank Joins Dieppe S/Club – Remarks by Dieppe Deputy Mayor
Norway joins the ISA – Slideshow of 67 from Stan  World Champion Workers
Final positions for all players. – Top 10 Women, Golden Cue Award
Top 10 Men, Golden Cue Award by Jim Allen

Aug 8: – More on the Winners incl pix!

Aug 7 4:33 Atlantic Time: – It’s Over! Congratulations to the
#1 Lady – Glenna Earle, and the
#1 Man – Geoff Bell.

Well Done! Both Genna and Geoff are Canadian. We were able to watch both final matches via the Dieppe Live-Feed.
Here is the story with bios of both players
Here is the list of the top ten women and men from the Dieppe website.
All the players and officials will be going to the closing ceremonies and banquet this evening.

Aug 6:  – Aug.06 (Day-4) Results. – Dieppe Praise International
 – Players Go Out for Lobster – Hall Of Fame Banquet slide show
 – News Article about Muriel Burnett – Match Format – 16 Frames with colour-change
 – Day-3 Results (Rounds 7 – 10)
Aug 5: Thurs.Aug.4 (Day-2) Results
Aug. 4: – HOF Ceremony – Live-Stream Action of one game from each round of play.
 – Shuffleboard Pride
Aug. 3: – (Day-1) Unofficial Results – Opening Ceremonies (a)  – Two slideashows (b)
 – Players Group Picture – MeetNGreet Rousing Success
Aug. 2:  – Newspaper article  – Dieppe website.
July 29:
Glenna’s interview–  Jim & Beth Allen coming to Dieppe
July 28: Vikings Coming All Dressed!
July 21:  Young German player a  “WOW!” at US Nationals will play at Dieppe

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1 Response to – ISA-2011-World Singles Dieppe NB

  1. Bill B says:

    Not to interfere with the Shufflers, right after the ISA World Singles, stay an extra couple of days and catch thecolour and excitement of the International Kite Flying Festival! Here’s some more info – http://www.dieppe.ca/cerfvolant/photosvideos_en.cfm.

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