Hall Of Fame

The CNSA HOF exists to pay tribute to outstanding Canadian shufflers within the categories of “Presidents” (all past presidents qualify), “Special Awards” (outstanding contributions), and “Player” (outstanding achievements).

Simply click on any of the following three HOF categories below to view the assembled entries.

_label_Special_awards _label_Player_Category

The CNSA HOF moved in March 2015 from its original separate website to become part of this CNSA website. We give a big THANK YOU to to those involved with the original Virtual Hall Of Fame website: Alf Primeau for his technical creativity and Stan McCormack for the “Good Words”. The special audio presentation created for that website can be heard below. Along with Alf and Stan, the audio also mentions Max Tate, who with others on the CNSA Board, created a formally approved project for the CNSA Virtual HOF.
We also thank all the many other people who have written and bios for this HOF (complete with pictures) and made the presentations  at the CNSA Meetings and other events.
To hear the facinating audio presentation about the  creation of the CNSA Virtual Hall Of Fame, just click on the following audio/video. (A slideshow of inducted CNSA presidents accompanies the audio.)

Thanks for watching!
Click HERE to go back to the Top of the CNSA Hall Of Fame.

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