37th ISA – Jackets

Information from Ken Wardley ..

Ken adds this note saying the jackets must be ordered and paid for before the ISA tournament. They can be picked up at the meet and greet.

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Jim Corbeil sends us the attached pictures of the 37th ISA (High River) Shuffleboard Jackets. Ken Wardley has set this up so that all our players can see what they look like. He will have them available for the High River tournament.

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Calling all Canadian Shufflers! Attached is the Player Application Form and Information for the 37th ISA WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP which will be held July 15- 20  ,2018, in High River Alberta.
Applications Close January 15th, 2018. Please send your application to Jim Corbeil, President CNSA via  email to  jcmccorbeil@gmail.com.
or surface mail to Jim Corbeil, 230 Fairway Road Woodstock, Ontario. N4& 1W3.

Please allow ample time for the post office to deliver before the above closing date.

Please direct any questions to either Jim Corbeil  or Ken Wardley

Player-Non-Player Information

 In case you click on Ken’s email does’nt work, his email is wardview524@gmail.com
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On behalf of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association, I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving. 


sunAnd for all you shuffleboard players and your families heading south for the winter, to Arizona, Texas or Florida or where ever else you may be heading, have a safe trip and a great winter shuffleboard season.


We will look forward to seeing all of you in 2018.

Jim Corbeil President CNSA.

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ISA congratulations from Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association (SSA)

Our SSA vice president asked that this poster of congratulations be sent to the CNSA so here is our congrats to the world shufflers participating in the ISA.

……Milly Molloy
SSA Treasurer

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Three Presidents!!!!

How often do we get this opportunity? This pictures was taken last week at St. Mary’s (Ontario) Mingle/Singles

OSA President. Rendall Bilton
CNSA President. Jim Corbeil
ISA President Myrna Bilton

Thanks Myrna!

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From: Jim Corbeil
To: CNSA Members.
It was brought to my attention that people may not know how to nominate someone to the CNSA Hall of Fame. I thought I would explain how one should go about nominating someone.
I you have a player or person you feel should be inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame you should send your nomination to the Chair person,Verena Wardley. It should contain the persons name what category* you feel he or she should be inducted into. She and her committee will go over the nomination.
Include a resume of their achievements. The more information you can give the Committee the better understanding they will have in making their decision.
Verena’s email is wardview524@gmail.com.


Jim Corbeil, President CNSA.

* HOF Categories:
Presidents, Special Awards, Player.

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2018 Ingersoll Ont. Tournament – Poster

The latest version of the poster is attached, clarifying the dates of May 28 – 30, and including all the advertisers to date.


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2018 CNSA Tournaments

The CNSA tournaments for 2018 are now listed under the menu item “Events, then “2018 CNSA Events“. We will be please to publicize other Canadian shuffleboard tournaments as the schedules become known.

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2018 CNSA Tournament – Ingersoll

Another sponsor added to the poster. Micacchi Warnick and Company Woodstock. $100.
Jim Corbeil.

CNSA INGERSOLL 4 2018 POSTER copy 1.pdf

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