”Looking Back” from Stan McCormack

Coldwater Club president Carol Archer invited Stan to speak at last evening’s banquet. It was a pleasure to see him once again, and hear him speak. He forwarded the following email to me as follows:
”We had 60 Amateur Shufflers participating to-day at COLDWATER, 2019 07 23, and that is fantastic!!! It is evident that the strong leadership of the Coldwater Club continues!!

I regret that I did not compliment the Amateurs to-day in my brief remarks??
I believe it is IMPORTANT, even essential, that each of us, the “modern day Presidents” if you will, relate stories such as this for THEIR AREA. >> e.g. the FERGUS beginning; Blackstock, and OTHERS!!
ONE can often collect information from https://theshuffler.net/ Simply type in a key word or words, in the rectangle in the upper right of the opening page, and then click SEARCH.
Below I have A) Inserted links to Coldwater articles >>
AND B)given you links to actual articles from my computer > i.e. the two sources for info.
Stan (Perhaps Carol may, if she has not already, display this info in a friendly manner in the COLDWATER CLUB.)
Hopefully, Bill Boyes will see fit to post this, and similar articles, on the CNSA Site.

MORE: https://celebrate100yearsofshuffleboard.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/2-n-1a-tournament-story-correctiions-by-gary.pdf
MORE: https://celebrate100yearsofshuffleboard.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/3-canadian-shuffleboard-president-comes-to-coldwater-for-opening.pdf


N 1A Tournament Story Correctiions by Gary up.doc


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CNSA Coldwater Amateur Results

Amateur Results are in:

1st Place Main
Liz Oostdyk and Howard Snider

2nd Place
Elda Hastings and Charlie Hastings

3rd Place
Melva Jones and Janice Archer

4th Place
Ian Lane and Deborah Lane

1st Place
Nancy Vanderwielen and Willy Vanderwielen

2nd Place
Leida Gerrits and Henry Gerrits

3rd Place
Don Waldie and Angie Richard

4th Place
Joe Chirop and Margaret Chirop

Congratulations Everyone!

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Coldwater Welcomes Shuffleboard Players

Coldwater Curling Club hosts Canadian National Shuffleboard Tournament Campers are welcomed to park behind.

Homemade lunches prepared by club members

We are all grateful to their sponsors
After another wonderful banquet in the evening, Coldwater Club President Carol Archer introduced the past CNSA Presidents – Stan McCormack, Max Tate, and Gary Pipher and Myrna Bilton.

Past President Stan McCormack shared memories including other Past Presidents, and the beginnings.

Past President – and ISA President Myrna Bilton shared warm memories of coming to Coldwater.

The evening ended with all joining in singing. Carol Archer is very talented on the keyboard.

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NB, NS and PEI Events

From: David Rushton <drushton1@hotmail.com>

We are having a home and home tournament on 31 July in Montague PEI, with Moncton NB, Montague  PEI and Oxford NS Shuffle Club. Had one last year and we had a great time Fred Vaerewyck is the President in PEI. Then Don Breau has arranged a tournament in Moncton on 12 September with the same three clubs participating. We always have a great time.
David Rushton
President of CCSC. Cumberland County Shuffleboard Club.
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Marlene Sends Thanks

From Jim Corbeil –
Marlene would like to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns. She is home now and on the road to recovery and really appreciated all the support from across Canada and the United States.
Thanks again.
Jim Corbeil
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Marlene is Home! — Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information

As many of you already know, Marlene had been admitted into the London hospital. Her problem was diagnosed as a very serious infection near her lungs. In talking to Jim Corbeil by phone a few minutes ago I learned that Marlene was able to come home from the hospital this afternoon. I’m sure that everyone […]

via Marlene is Home! — Ontario Shuffleboard News and Information

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Corrected email for Partner Needed for Coldwater Open

via Partner Needed for Coldwater Open

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Presentation for induction of Alvin Rathgeber into Hall Of Fame

Alvin Rathgeber

Alvin Rathgeber

Thanks Bob Lockwood for sending us the e-copy (below)  of your presentation for the induction of Alvin Rathgeber into the CNSA Hall of Fame (Special Award category).

Alvin_Rathgeber presentation

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New Director for BC

From Jim Corbeil –
We have a new BC Director Jane Chalmers. Jane recently moved to BC. She has served on the HOF Committee the past two years.
I know she will be a great asset to the CNSA.
Jim Corbeil President CNSA

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Hall OF Fame Committee Changes

The CNSA has a new Hall of Fame Committee: Eileen Hildebrand Chairperson, Bernice Lindsay and Don Breau. These people are well qualified and I am sure they will do a great job.
If anyone knows of a player or person who they would like to nominate to the CNSA Hall of Fame, who has contributed to the sport of Shuffleboard In Canada, and is a CNSA member in good standing.contact the HOF committee
A big thank you to Eileen,Bernice and Don,
Jim Corbeil President CNSA
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