Sochi Articles

This “Sochi Articles” page lists all the articles recording the ISA (International Shuffleboard Association) inaugural European Open Shuffleboard Tournament. The special top-of-page banner picture for this page is a collage from  article #6 “On the Courts”. 

All postings – #1 Our Hotel,   #2 Our Guide Alina – on Stalin,  #3 Flight Over
 #4 Girls RULE!,  #5 Our Arrival Dinner#6 On the Courts, #7 We Visit the Olympic Ski Hill , #8 Items of Interest, #9 BBQ On The Hill, #10 Visit to Church,
#11 European Open Banquet, #12 Video of Our Dancers, #13 Sochi Russia We Were There,
#14 Near The End Of The Arrival Dinner,
#15 We Went Wine Tasting & Gus’ Neat Winebottle Trick 
#16 Donna comments on the dinner 
#17 Article from Dieter Hussmann (German Shuffleboard Assoc. President)
#18 Shirley Byan on her Sochi experience.

Here a link to player information and details of the Sochi event. This was moved to this web-site from the CNSA Shuffleboard Canada website Aug. 17, 2011.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Stan McCormack for creating and sending in all these articles to TheShufflersNews! Many thanks as well to all who contributed their pictures and videos.

Here a link to an earlier entry – video of participants.

2 Responses to Sochi Articles

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  2. Phil Hill says:

    And a good time was had by all, especially Pam who won the tournament, but, not only that, the whole event from start to finish was like something you wish for but don’t really know what it is, except that it has to be totally unlike anything you have ever undertaken or seen happening around you. No, this whole event from start to finish was like as though something was happening that was so far away from your wildest dreams that it was unreal. But no, it was not unreal, it was there in front of you, and our hosts just couldn’t do enough for us, from the time we arrived to our teary departure. We hope they will continue the shuffling they learned, and we look forward to seeing some of them again in Dieppe, in August

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