Sochi Player Background & Bios

This page is about the people who went to Sochi. Take note of the leadership role of Jim  Allen & family. It all sure looked like fun! – Bill Boyes, TheShufflersNews.
Also see the main Sochi page.

Here a link to a video of some of the “American and Canadian Shuffleboard Ambassadors to Russia” (credit Jim Allen).

The following are largely the bios and information about those who went to Sochi – many thanks and credit to Stan McCormack.
Sochi Shufflers are about to depart,     01 Names of German travelers,
03 The Allen R Shuffleboard Co.,           04 Gus Bondi
05 Jim Bailey,                                            06 Peter and Erica Berg
07 Rosemary Otmar,                                08 Lazy Days shufflers off to Russia
09 Muriel Murray Burnett                      10 Rendall and Myrna Bilton
11 Albert and Donna Blom                       12 Charles and Shirley Bryan
13 Dawn & Ray Hammond.pdf                14 ONE BIG FAMILY.pdf
15 Bill & Maureen Bryan.pdf                   16 Alf Primeau.pdf
17 Alfie & Carm Mangan.pdf                   18 Harry & Donna Parrott.pdf
19 Stan and Lois in Summer.pdf            20 the Runge Family of Meerbusch DE.pdf
21 Dieter & Lore Wuellner of DE.pdf    22 Wally & Jan Thyssen.pdf
23 the family Schwartzen .pdf                24 Gloria McLaughlin.pdf
25 Hartmut & Christel Engler.pdf         26 Pam and Phil Hill.pdf
27 Marjorie Taylor.pdf                             28 Roy & Doreen Norman story.pdf
29 the Hussmann family.pdf                  30 The Allen Family Goes to Washington!!.pdf
31 Stan and Lois McCormack.pdf

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