This page is for listing articles written for the purpose of teaching shuffleboard. They are best presented as collections (by author), so click on any of the underlined titles below to see a list of the articles, and then click on any article that interests you.
  1) Wilbur Estes “Book” – Our first series is from Stan McCormack’s collection of articles about Wilbur Estes  – “The Guy Who Wrote The Book”. Wilbur is gone now, but he was a very good teacher and writer about shuffleboard. I hope you enjoy – Bill Boyes.
  2) Simply Fun Shuffleboard is written by Stan McCormack. It talks to the “park” or “club” shuffler, who wants to have more fun by winning more games. Sometimes in everyday competition we fall into bad habits, and our game suffers. The instructions you will read in this series – Simply Fun Shuffleboard – should help you raise your game a notch or two!

4 Responses to Teaching

  1. Stan Kowalewski says:

    Thanks again so much for the articles. Keep them coming.

  2. Stan McCormack says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement Stan!!!
    I first met Stan and Flo in Hendersonville NC in 2009. They are now both enthusiastic and successful shufflers. At that event, there were 4 Stans participating: Stan Williamson, Stan Kowalewski, Stan Quinn and Stan McCormack. I still have the photo!!
    Stan McCormack.

  3. Bob Read says:

    hi Stan .A big thank you from Linda and i .We enjoy your input and insite into the game. I read a section weekly and try to apply what you say.I tell everyone about the great spirit of sharing you provide us with…Bob Linda Read

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