Wilbur Estes “Book”

Wilbur Estes

This series of articles is contributed by Stan McCormack’s collection* of articles about Wilbur Estes  – “The Guy Who Wrote The Book”. Wilbur is gone now, but he was a good teacher and writer about shuffleboard. I hope you enjoy – Bill Boyes.


1 – Introduction. (about Wilbur)
2 – First Interview (Stan’s 1st interview with Wilbur)
3 – Why Shuffleboard is a Great Game   4 – Wilbur’s Intro to the Series 
5 – Game Plan in 4 Parts  – Comments   6 – The 75 Point Philosophy
7 – Accuracy vs Strategy (e.g. Clearing) 8 – Marking the Disks
9 – Eight Practice Shots                             10 – Strategy is Key
11 – Learn About Snuggling                      12 – Winning The Lag
13 – Drift Chart examined                        14 – Going On The Board Part-1
15 – The 43-Point Limitation.                  16 – Philosophy of Winning.
17 -Examine the Reasons for Poor Play   18 – Last in the Series                    .

Thanks for looking at this series of shuffleboard articles.  See more under “Teaching” in the main menu.

-Bill Boyes

One Response to Wilbur Estes “Book”

  1. Bob Read says:

    Thank you Wilber for the great aids to shuffleboard. I first read them from Stans great work.Thank s for this great website too.The game I am learning slowly is a great inexpensive way to develop new skill sets…Keep up this great work,Bob Linda Read

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