Sadly, We Have Lost Jim Irwin. May He Rest In Peace.

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Glenna Earle Speaks:
Maybe you’ve already been notified, but I wanted to let you know that Jim Irwin died Tuesday in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. (2021 05 25)
Many people in the shuffleboard world will remember Rose and Jim Irwin from the Southern District of Florida and long time shuffleboard enthusiasts. Their summer residence is near Liverpool, NS.
They were both instrumental in a very big way with getting the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club (SSC) off the ground in 2008/9. Both Jim & Rose went to every Inter-Provincial tournament but one I believe. Both very strong supporters of shuffling everywhere.

Jim was willing to do whatever it took to get things going and he helped us tremendously in many ways throughout the whole time SSC has been operational, until last year when COVID-19 stopped us all in our tracks.
Jim suffered dementia…

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Doug Mowat Leaves Us. (2021 05 11) May He Rest In Peace.

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Doug & Marg Mowat

Ken Wardley has sent along this message: “

I am very sad to advise that Doug Mowat passed to day. I do not have any further details but thought you could advise others.
As i receive any further information I will be sure to pass along.

Ken Wardley.

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2021 Inter-Provincial Tournament

The CNSA Board of Directors and Executive had their online meeting March 28th and cancel the June 21-25 IP Tournament in Bridgewater N.S. due to Covid-19.

There will be another online meeting June 27th, 2021 to decide if it will be possible to hold it September 6th -10th, 2021.

It was decided that all players playing in the IP will pay the CNSA membership of $5.00 as the Club fees were waived again this year due to Covid-19.

Hotel and Camping reservations should be made early, and if necessary they can be cancelled.

Stay Safe and Healthy.
Best Regards,
Jim Corbeil President CNSA

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With my apologies, I must tell you that the previous post about a change for the date of the 2021 Iner-Provincial in Bridgewater NS was incorrect. This was due to a misunderstood email from CNSA president Jim Corbeil. Jim has just emphatically informed me that the date has not yet changed but there will be a CNSA decision about the date on March 28th.

I will be removing the previous post on this matter.

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More on Canada’s Interprovincial by Jim and Ellie Crowell.

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Jim and Ellie Crowell

Recently Stan asked me how I came to host the next CNSA IP Tournament scheduled for September 6- 10th 2021.
To the best of my recollections it started in Florida when I was talking to Gerrit Dykman about CNSA in general and tournaments in Canada. I learned that CNSA needed a host province for 2021. I thought “Wow” what an opportunity for our 2 year old club to get on the map and promote Shuffleboard in Nova Scotia. My wife Ellie and I started Bluenose Shuffleboard Club from scratch with our own resources so I didn’t know if we could handle it.
At my next Florida tournament, Jim Corbeil came right up to me and asked me to consider hosting. He must have been talking to Gerrit. He promised me all the support and resources I would need. I had to say “YES, we can…

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Bridgewater Inter-Provincial

As everyone knows we are still in this pandemic and it doesn’t look good for the IP in Bridgewater NS. this June.
Players, please still send your applications to your Directors so that we will have an idea how many will be attending.
If a decision is made to re-schedule, we will put the entry extension online, as well as let the Provincial Directors know.

I know a lot of players are hesitant to put in their entry because of this nasty virus and the uncertainty of whether or not the IP will be in June or September. The Decision will be made March 28th.
We just have to wait and see how soon or when we will be getting our vaccine and are able to travel.
Stay safe and healthy,

Jim Corbeil President, CNSA

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ISA Announcement about 2021 World Championship

Myrna BiltonAnnouncement from Myrna Bilton, President of the International Shuffleboatd Association (ISA)

The ISA World Championship that is to take place on October 16-23, 2021 at San Benito, Texas, USA has been cancelled, due to the growing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association, we thank the USA NSA and the event organizers/hosts Evan & Ann Engell for all their hard work and planning for the past two years on organizing for this event. This was a very difficult decision for them to make. We compliment them for taking the necessary measures to keep everyone healthy. Unfortunately these were circumstances which were beyond their control.

COVID-19 has effected our daily lives, our families and friends from around the world. 

We keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers who are suffering from this pandemic and other health issues. As everyone receives their vaccination, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

“We will get through this ….…we are stronger together “. 
With faith & hope 
Myrna Bilton
International Shuffleboard Association, president 

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2020-2021 FSA Preview is available online!

Northern District Shuffleboard

2020-2021 Preview

What we have been waiting for! Go to the FSA website or click on the above picture to get the 2020-2021 Preview! It is a big document and may slow down your computer, so just be patient and wait for it to load.
Note: Once it loads, scroll down to see the index in the first few pages. Some pages will appear blank until it all loads. You can drag the right-hand slider to get to the page you want as indicated in the navigation box at the bottom of the PDF reader window on your screen.
Northern District pages are 62 through 74.

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Canadian Shuffleboard History – 1966, The Beginning

We are grateful to The Shuffler for recording this piece of shuffleboard history, as depicted in this excerpt from 2016 07 08.

– by stanistheman, based on an article in the Chatham Daily News

Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand were recognized by the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association on Thursday, July 7, 2016, near Chatham, Ont. for their contribution to the sport, including hosting the first Canadian Open shuffleboard tournament in 1980.

Pictured, from left, with a plaque honouring the Tilbury, Ont. area couple, are; grandson John Carson, Henry Strong, immediate past president of the CNSA, and Glen Peltier, friend and long-time local shuffleboard player. (ELLWOOD SHREVE/THE DAILY NEWS)

Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand loved to have family and friends visit their Tilbury-area farm, and a big draw was their shuffleboard courts.

Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand (Source The Shuffler)

The couple, who were snowbirds, gained a passion for the game while wintering in Florida.

In 1966, they built the first of four shuffleboard courts that would be located at their home, which led to the creation of a local shuffleboard club.

The memory of the couple and their contribution to the game was formally recognized Thursday at the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club on Longwoods Road, just outside of Chatham. The Marchands were recognized being hosts for the first Canadian Open shuffleboard tournament in 1980 on their farm.

Glen Peltier, who was president when the club started on the Marchand farm, said his friend Alfie “just loved (shuffleboard) before we hardly new about it.”

He said it wasn’t unusual for a Canadian snowbird to build a shuffleboard court at home, but the Marchands built four so they could hold tournaments.

Players from Windsor, Sarnia and London came to play, both pros and amateurs, said Peltier.

A plaque, recognizing the Marchands’ contribution to the sport, will be hung in the Tilbury public library.

John Carson, a grandson of the Marchands, said his grandfather was “passionate about sports, in general, so if you knew him and how he was passionate about baseball and hockey, there would be no question he’d pick up a passion for a sport like shuffleboard and bring it home.”

When asked how happy his grandparents were to host the first Canadian Open, Carson said: “That was a pretty impressive day for them; that was the ultimate credit for all of their efforts.” He doesn’t think his grandparents ever expected to host such an event. “They just wanted something for their friends and family,” he said. “They would be very proud and rightly so. It was very well deserved.”

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7th IP – Team Application

Official Notice for Team Applications
7th Inter Provincial Shuffleboard Tournament
June 21-25, 2021

Please please see the NOTICE-AND-APPLICATION as well as the WAIVER. Note that the Application and Waiver must be returned to the CNSA by March 21st.

Individual Players from Provinces that do not have a recognized club or Provincial Association can still apply to play in the IP in Nova Scotia. They will have to pay $5.00 to join the CNSA. The CNSA will make up teams of individual players where possible so we can get as many people playing as possible.

Note that this is a Team Tournament. A team consist of 4 men or 4 women. If a team is in need of a player the CNSA can assist.
If you have any questions please contact,
Jim Corbeil, President CNSA.
Email- – Phone 519-290-4400

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