Jim Corbeil’s Induction into CNSA Hall Of Fame by Norm Lindsay, 2021 09 10, at the 7th IP in Bridgewater NS

Jim Corbel became 3rd Vice President of the CNSA in 2010; he moved up through the vice presidents and became President in July of 2016, following Past President, Henry Strong.
In the years working with Jim, we’ve learned he is a good communicator, keeping everyone abreast with the goings on within the CNSA.
Jim has been involved in the planning of many tournaments in Canada, three CNSA Inter provincials: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 2017, Ingersoll, Ontario 2019 and here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 2021 and an ISA, in High River, Alberta in 2018 and now planning another ISA tournament for 2022 in Ingersoll/Woodstock, Ontario.

Jim has definitely, been instrumental in promoting CNSA tournaments, from the east (Nova Scotia), central (Ontario) and the west Saskatchewan and Alberta. That is quite an achievement from 2016 to 2021!

Jim has worked hard at promoting the CNSA, everywhere he has travelled, whether in Canada or other countries. He has represented Canada in many ISA tournaments, singles in St. Petersburg 2013, Clearwater 2015, Brazil 2017 and on teams in Midland 2014, St. Cloud, 2016 and High River, 2018.
In an effort to have equal input from across the country, Jim was instrumental in forming a committee to rewrite and clarify the CNSA by-laws. The committee had representation from across Canada. It consisted of Brian Scott from the West, Myrna Bilton from Central, Don Breau from the East.
Jim also formed a committee to look into the rules to play floor shuffleboard in Canada. A decision was made to adopt the ISA (International Shuffleboard Association).

Jim also was known to promote all of this while leaping on tall buildings (CN tower) and then showing his skills at roping a wooden cow on the range. I guess that is how he pulled all the provinces into the CNSA, herd! We all know Jim had a lot of support from his wife Marlene during his five years as President. At this time, I would like thank Marlene for supporting Jim, during this time.

And, now, it gives me great pleasure and honour to present Jim Corbel, with this Jacket and the President’s Award certificate into the “CNSA Hall of Fame “. Congratulations, Jim!

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Bill Boyes Induction into CNSA Hall Of Fame by Jim Corbeil

Bill Boyes

Induction remarks by Jim Corbeil, September 10th, 2021

Bill and his wife Penny discovered shuffleboard in New Smyrna Beach Florida in 2004, when we first saw it being played at a local club. The players looked like they were having a lot of fun. As they sat and watched they were approached by a player who enthusiastically explained a little about the game and how much fun it was. They gave it a try, and really enjoyed playing the game and meeting the club members, they were hooked and joined the Coronado Shuffleboard Club, playing almost every day, and advancing into league and tournament play.

Bill served on the club executive including becoming club president in 2010. He played well enough to win the Northern District Amateur Masters in 2011, and became a Florida “Pro”.

It was in 2008 that Bill discovered shuffleboard in Ontario through the original “The Shuffler” website (thanks to Stan McCormack and Alf Primeau). His introduction was a shuffleboard tournament in Coldwater, he and Penny proudly finished “in the money” – 1st Consolation! Bill remembers meeting many great people in Coldwater that year, and in conversations they learned of other tournaments run by the Ontario Shuffleboard Association. He and Penny also decided to start playing every week at the Scugog Shuffleboard Club, located in Blackstock Ontario, just East of Port Perry. He entered the OSA tournament in Woodstock that year, where he also attended the OSA general meeting. As a result he somehow ended up becoming editor of the yearly OSA newsletter, The Ontario Shuffler (Lorraine Pollock had “volunteered” him).
For the next five years (2008 – 2012), Bill and Penny took pride in producing and publishing and mailing The Ontario Shuffler. It was while working on the newsletter, Bill began to realize that a website could be a good alternative to the OSA’s printed newsletters. He had also learned about the CNSA, and felt the CNSA should have a site of its own. The OSA website started sometime in 2009 as an extension of the newsletter. In June 2010 he obtained approval for the CNSA website which was created in July 2010. After a year or two of learning “what” to put on the websites, and also technically “how” to efficiently add fresh content, a new “blog” (weBLOG”) format was set up and continues to this day. The first published item on the new CNSA website highlighted the 1st Atlantic Open Any Doubles Tournament, Dieppe NB played July 2010. The first item on the new OSA website was posted May 2012 about OSA tournaments and player points system. These websites continue thanks to news and announcements sent in by people in Ontario and across Canada, and I am especially grateful for the able assistance of co-webmaster Muriel Burnett.
More recently Bill proudly played on the Canadian gold medal men’s D team at the ISA tournament held in High River Alberta, July 2018.
Although Penny is no longer at his side, he continues to enjoy contributing to the sport of shuffleboard via the websites and to serve on the boards of the OSA and CNSA. He is especially thankful to still be able to “just keep on shuffling” with all the wonderful people at the clubs he belongs to, and at various tournaments throughout Ontario, Canada and beyond.
Bill is a very accomplished shuffleboard player. He has excellent shuffleboard skills and is a true sportsman,
He has been the CNSA web master since 2010 and has reported on all the goings on in the CNSA. He manages to put all tournament results from across Canada, and post all the news that comes his way, and does it in a very professional manner.
I proud to nominate my friend Bill Boyes and fellow shuffleboard player to the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in the Special awards category.

James Corbeil President CNSA

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Myrna Bilton Induction into CNSA Hall Of Fame by Marleen Corbeil

Myrna Bilton

. Myrna Bilton

It is my great honour and privilege to present Myrna Bilton for the induction into the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame, Player Award Category. 

Myrna was introduced to shuffleboard by her father in the 1970’s and it seemed only fitting for her to follow his advice and play shuffleboard when she retired. She joined her park’s team league in 2000 at Lazy Days, Fort Myers, Florida and here she was active in helping new players and promoting shuffleboard.

She was elected to the Board of Directors at the Lee County Shuffleboard Club in Florida and continued to teach and promote shuffleboard.

Her first visit at an International Shuffleboard Tournament was in Midland Ontario in 2007.This visit made her want to play shuffleboard in the summer months and represent Canada in an International tournament.

In 2009, after 2 years and many inquiries Myrna was a co-founder of the Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club, in Fergus Ontario. This was one of her proudest achievements in promoting the game she loved so much.

In 2008 Myrna represented Canada at the International Shuffleboard Team Tournament in Australia where she received the Sports Merit Award. This was the beginning of many ISA tournaments for her. She has represented Canada in 2009 at Betmar FL,  2010 at Germany, 2011 at Dieppe NB,  2012  at Seattle USA, 2013 at St Petersburg FL,  2014 at Midland, Canada, 2015 at Clearwater  FL, 2016 at ST Cloud FL,  2017 at Brazil,  2018 at High River Canada and 2019 at Vienna Austria. 

She planned to attend the 39th ISA Championship in Australia in 2020 but due to the Covid-19 virus it had to be cancelled.

Myrna represented Ontario in the first Inter Provincial Tournament that was held at Coldwater Ontario in 2009.

In 2013 in Dieppe NB. She represented New Brunswick in the 2015 IP in Goderich, 2019 in Ingersoll and 2021 in Bridgewater NS.

In 2017 Myrna was inducted into the Ontario Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame, Player Award.

Myrna also worked diligently helping her husband Rendall when he was OSA President for 6 years 2012-2018 

Myrna held the position of secretary to the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association for two years, 2010 -2012.

She represented Canada as President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association in 2010 and 2011 when CNSA President Gary Pipher was unable to attend. 

2012 – 2014 Myrna was President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association. In 2015, Myrna was inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame with the president’s award.

She is now Chair of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Nominating Committee.

To promote shuffleboard, Myrna has taken part in delegations that went to Russia in 2011, Norway in 2013, England in 2015 and Vienna in 2018 representing Canada.

From 2012 – 2016 Myrna served as 1st Vice president of the ISA. She also held positions on the ISA Nominating Committee and the ISA Hall of Fame Committee. 

Myrna became the first Women President of the International Shuffleboard Association in 2016. She still holds that position. In 2015 Myrna was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame.

As well as Myrna’s great shuffleboard skills she has been a great ambassador for Canada at the ISA, OSA and CNSA Tournaments from 2007-2021.

You will always hear Myrna say “I’ve made a new friend on the courts today”. She also will say  “How much she treasures the many friendships she and her husband Rendall have made from around the world, through shuffleboard”.

With great pleasure, I present my friend Myrna Bilton for Induction into the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame, Player Award Category.

Presented by Marlene Corbeil

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Congratulations to new HOF members

From Norm Lindsay re Hall of Fame 2021 Inductees

Myrna Bilton: Congratulation goes out to Myrna Bilton for being inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame for the “Players Award”. Her continuous work at the Local, Provincial and International level of shuffleboard makes Myrna, very deserving of this award..

Bill Boyes: Congratulations to Bill for being inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame for the “Special Award”. He is very deserving of receiving this award, being the web master of the CNSA website, keeping the members up to date on the current affairs of the CNSA. Bill’s work is greatly appreciated by the CNSA membership all across the country. Well done, Bill!

Jim Corbeil: Jim was inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame for the “Past President Award”. Jim was President from 2016 to 2021. Congratulations, Jim, on a job well done! Your dedication will be remembered for years to come.

CNSA President
Norm Lindsay

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Thanks from Norm Lindsay, President CNSA

The CNSA has held another successful Inter-Provincial tournament with 19 teams from British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and a Canadian team.

Thank you to the tournament organizers Jim and Ellie Crowell of the Blue Nose Shuffleboard Club for their hard work and dedication. A job well done! Also, a big thank you to all the club volunteers who helped make this event a success, you are a very inspiring and energetic group! No tournament could be a success without the players from across our great country.

Thank you to Marlene Corbeil and David Earle for their work as Tournament Directors.

I would like to thank Marlene Corbeil for her years of being our tournament director for the CNSA tournaments.

At this time I would like to thank now Past President, Jim Corbeil for his hard work and dedication during his 5 years as President.

It is my hope, with the guidance from the executive, directors from each province and the past president to continue forward with the work of the CNSA.

Norm Lindsay
CNSA President

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Announcing the new CNSA president

From: Myrna Bilton – ISA President

The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association held a successful tournament last week at Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. At the AGMB we said our goodbyes to Jim Corbeil who has held the position of president for 5 years. Thank you Jim…it has been a pleasure working with you at the ISA level. Jim and his wife Marlene have worked extremely hard for the CNSA. Jim will still be involved as he is chairman of the planning committee for the 2022 ISA Championship that will be held in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

“Congratulations “ to Norman Lindsay, our new CNSA president. Many of you know Norm as he was the CNSA acting president at Vienna in 2019. Welcome Norm to our ISA family. We look forward to working with you. We truly have a great team of people to work with in the ISA and if you have any questions we will make sure you get your answer. Norm has been working closely with Jim Corbeil on the 2022 Championship.

We sure are looking forward to having our many friends from around the world to come to Canada in August. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit here.

With warm regards
Myrna Bilton
ISA President

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Winners in Bridgewater IP

Glenna has kindly created the following report of the Bridgewater IP tournament winners. Complete with excellent pictures. Thank you so much Glenna!

Winners in Bridgewater IP

 The wind-up is complete! Courts rolled up! Banquet is over! Medallions around necks! RV’s rolling!
Another IP has been put to bed and if you notice all these beautiful purple-shirted winners, you will realize what a fantastic crew of shufflers have emerged from Manitoba! Both men’s and women’s divisions were won by the our friends from Central Canada. The winning margins were minimal, and in one case I believe the lead was just 1/2 point! In the case of third place there were ties in both men’s and ladies groups. So, the famous “SPEED SHUFFLEBOARD” determined the winners.
If you have never seen this done, you ought to sometime. Rules may be on the ISA website. If not, ask Glenn Monroe.

Have only included a few pictures from last night’s banquet. Have dozens so may post a few more after I recover.
In the meantime congratulations to all who took part and thanks to all the support staff for everything they did to make this event a reality….. amidst a Pandemic!
Safe journey to all those returning to their respective provinces. For those hanging around to enjoy our beautiful province for some sightseeing we wish you safe travels and great weather!
It was wonderful that Jim & Ellie arranged to have the Bluenose at her berth for the latter part of the week. I know many of you visited her, giving you a chance to get your own photos, “up close and personal”!

Until we meet again in Winnipeg, MT, au revoir, and keep well!
It has been our pleasure to welcome you to Canada’s Ocean Playground!


NS Red Team 3rd place Peggi, Gail, Gerdien, Ellie

Manitoba Green team 3rd place. Claude, Doug, Ron, Gord.

Manitoba Green 2nd place. Barb, Donna, Wendy, Max

Ontario Leafs 2nd place. New Pres Norm,Missing Roy Babcock, who already left, Evan, Bill.

Manitoba Purple Team 1st place. Gina, Carol, Eileen, Noreen

Manitoba Purple 1st place. 90 yr old Bill, Jim, Peter, Brian

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10 September, 2021 18:31

Here are the Bridgewater Interprovincial tournament final standings after playoff tie breakers for third place for men AND for women – Note the tie scores shown in the final standings. Each tie was resolved by playing a very exiting speed shuffleboard game!. Pictures of those games will be posted separately.

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Results to date

Updating the previous post reporting team scores from the Inter-Provincial tournament in Bridgewater.

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Bridgewater volunteers

Not surprisingly, there are more volunteers in the kitchen than there are out on the courts. Also unsurprisingly, the food is as enjoyable as the shuffleboard!! Pictures below don’t include all the kitchen volunteers as they’re not all here at the same time, but here are a few! ( hope to include the rest later). First are Peggy, Nancy, Maggie, Debbie, Carole Ann. Last, ”Dennis shows off his buns”.

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